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Natalie Cross


Natalie offers empirically based psychology treatment for a range of presentations and difficulties you may be facing in your life at present. Her goal is to provide an open, warm, and personable approach to therapy and ensure that her clients feel heard and understood. She understands that the therapy process can sometimes be a little daunting and makes each client feel comfortable and at home. Natalie enjoys getting to know her clients and developing a well connected therapeutic relationship.

Natalie has experience with current and former serving ADF personnel, workplace bullying and compensation claims, plus working with psychiatric populations. She believes an important aspect of psychological therapy is psychoeducation and helping you understand why you may be feeling and experiencing what you are right now. The unknowns we face daily with regards to our mental health can add to the distress we already feel. Natalie helps her clients develop a strong understanding of their own mental health that allows for deeper collaboration in treatment.

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Specialising in

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT)

Schema Therapy

Relationship Counselling

Interpersonal Skills Training

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