Psychological Assessments

At Ascot Psychology & Allied Health, it is our mission to provide quality services, in a timely and accessible manner. In line with this, we offer a variety of assessments such as needed for your education, career and mental health. To book in for an assessment, or if you are unsure whether or not an assessment is suitable for you, please contact us.

What is an assessment?

An assessment typically involves the conduct of a clinical interview (initial interview to determine nature of concerns or purpose of assessment), followed by administration of a purposively selected test battery which is administered by one of our psychologists. These assessments are generally completed by the psychologist and client in-person; however, some assessments may require input from family members, teachers, support workers and others.

Why should I do an assessment?

An assessment is useful for a variety of reasons. Assessments can be relatively brief and may serve to inform treatment plans for therapy. In other situations, such as an educational assessment, assessments may be more complex and will require the administration of several tests. For example, typically an educational assessment includes tests of ability as well as achievement.
To determine the assessments required, an initial interview with the client (and parent for child clients) will be conducted in order to tailor the assessment requirements to the individual’s needs.
After the assessment(s) is completed, psychologists score and interpret results and write a report which provides an overview of findings along with recommendations. A feedback session is held in order to convey the results in an understandable manner.

How much do assessments cost?

The cost of assessment depends on which assessment you require, and the length of time taken to complete it. As each assessment is tailored to unique needs, an individualised quote is provided following the initial clinical interview when individual needs are assessed.
Assessments are not eligible for rebates. For some assessments or reports, we may able to offer a payment arrangement, such as pay-as-you-go. In all instances, we require the full balance of the assessment to be paid before we release the report.

Please contact us for further information.